Support A Family Member With Breast Cancer

Thousands of groups across the globe campaign about breast cancer in October. This annual awareness aims at educating people, supporting breast cancer patients, and raising funds for research. To support the movement, people wear pink during this period. They help to spread the information on how women can check their breasts. Supporters can also fight for accessibility of breast cancer drugs to patients. Breast cancer support organizations assist women diagnosed with the ailment to receive proper treatment.


The “Pink October” is not only for breast cancer support groups and supporters. You can be part of the campaign. Support a family member or friend who suffers from this condition. Your assistance will help the patient to manage the breast cancer. The following tips will help you to care for a loved one who is suffering from the disease.

 Be present

 As much you may wish to reject the diagnosis, the reality stares back at you. Your presence will mean a lot to your friend or family member who has breast cancer. Caring and listening to the patient can aid the healing process. Let your loved one know that she is not alone in the fight against breast cancer. Try to stay beside her and accompany her to medical appointments when it is possible. You can make the “Pink October” a unique period for her.

 Access to appropriate treatment

 Proper medical attention increases the chances of surviving breast cancer. Make sure that the patient receives the best therapy. Make it your duty to remind her of the chemotherapy appointments. Complementary treatments such as meditation, fitness programs, massage, and acupuncture can be useful. These therapies can help your loved one to manage the side effects resulting from breast cancer treatment. They can help ease depression and help her stay positive.

Encourage the individual to join a breast cancer support group. Meeting other patients suffering from the same condition can lighten the person’s mood. Besides, she can learn from their experiences.

 Offer assistance

Helping a breast cancer patient can reduce stress for the sufferer. You can adjust your schedule to include running errands for her. You can assist with house chores, childcare or other things. Besides, you can get family members to help. You can share the tasks among them. Helping your sick loved one will show her how much you care. Also, it will make her healing easier.

 Add humor

 Laughter can ease pains. Crack jokes to make your loved one to laugh. It can make the breast cancer patient feel loved and stay positive. Being optimistic can strengthen the person to fight the condition.


 Presents from others can make the her feel loved. Receiving cards and other items from friends and family members can encourage the person.


Pink October is not all about wearing pink garments to campaign for breast cancer support. A friend or family member suffering from the condition needs your love and care.